20 Jahre Special Edition! 2CD Digipack!


I.  Attack From Planet Transilvania

2. Space Invaders

3. Moonlight Sonata

4. Teardrops In Hell

5. Die Earthling Die

6. King Of The Cannibals

7. Nightmare In A Damaged Brain

8. Monsters In The Closet

9.   Frankenstein Created Woman

IO. Hooray The Darkness

II. In The Morgue Of Lucy Sanders

I2. C# Minor: The Suicide Waltz

I3. Horrormovie Fan

I4. Eaters Of The Dead

I5. Abra Cadaver

I6. Who Will Survive?


I.  Moonlight Sonata (Original Version 2OO2)

2. Eaters Of The Dead (Original Version 2OO2)

3. Frankenstein Created Woman (Demo Version 2OO2)

4.  Army of Zombies (Original Version 2OO2)

5. Hunting Humans (Misfits Cover 2OO2)

6. Teenage Wasteland Suicide (previously unreleased)

7. Nightmare Remix (previously unreleased)

8. Intro (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

9. Attack From Planet Transilvania (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

IO. Space Invaders (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

II. The Munsters Theme (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

I2. Frankenstein Created Woman (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

I3. Teardrops In Hell (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

I4. Die Earthling Die (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

I5. Rebell Yell (Billy Idol Cover) (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

I6. In The Morgue Of Lucy Sanders (Live at B72, Vienna 2003)

CD See you at Disneyland (2024 Re-Release)

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